My first ODISka

It is possible to apply for My first ODISka via the shop or at our Transport Infocentres other points of sale that ensure the issuance of ODISkas.

  • In the case of submitting the application in person at the contact point, it is necessary to submit a photo of the child with dimensions of 35 x 45 mm, his personal document (birth certificate, health insurance card, passport or national ID card of the child) and personal document of the child's legal representative (citizen card or passport ).
  • The event is valid until 31 December 2024 and is intended for all children born in 2017 and 2018, regardless of whether they are currently in the first grade of primary school or not.

  • Please note that you will receive a completely free ODIS when you pick it up in person at the contact point. In the case of a request to send the prepared ODISka by registered mail, a fee for the delivery of the ODISka must be paid.