Students, don't stand in line for tickets in September

Remote extension of student profile:

Students of VŠB-TUO, OSU and other students with an ISIC card can extend their student profile in Ostrava (from the age of 18 to the age of 26) on their ODISka by another year at ticket machines at Ostrava public transport stops. Through these online machines, the system evaluates the right to a discount directly in the VŠB-TUO or OSU database after enrollment in the year, or in the ISIC database (with a license valid until 12/2024).

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Free ODISks for first-timers

We offer a gift to all children born in 2016 or 2017 a free ODISka chip card (the regular price of ODISka is CZK 130).

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Benefit program with ODISka

Holders of valid personalized ODISky will be able to purchase ordinary and family tickets with a discount of 25% from June 1 to September 30.. The discount can be applied in all regional monuments involved in the S ODISka na hrad benefit program.

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Automated recurring payments on the ODIS E-shop

We present to passengers a useful feature available on the E-shop ODIS:: automated recurring payments.

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Connection of Ostrava bikesharing with the ODIS all-year ticket

The novelty of Ostrava bikesharing is the connection with the ODIS all-year ticket and means a total of 30 minutes of free cycling.

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I have prepared a new ODISka transport card design for you

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Spuštění Městské karty Krnov na ODISce

Ve spolupráci s Městem Krnovem jsme v pondělí 14. listopadu zahájili zkušební provoz Městské karty Krnov. Funkcionalitu Městské karty Krnov lze zdarma aktivovat na libovolné čipové kartě ODISka.

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Prodlužování studentských profilů na ODISkách

Od 24. 8. 2021 spouští Dopravní podnik Ostrava novou funkcionalitu na svých prodejních automatech: prodlužování studentských profilů na ODISkách.

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ODISka in mobile

In cooperation with Dopravní podnik Ostrava, we have launched a requested novelty - carrier of long-term time tickets ODIS in a mobile phone = ODISka v mobile.

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